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Water Plants & Water Gardens

The Role of Water Plants in your Pond or Water Feature

Water plants play an important role in your pond. Some of the reasons why plants are important may be obvious, but some others may surprise you.

The majority of homeowners want to create a natural and organic looking pond that blends in and enhances their existing landscape. Adding plants helps to anchor a pond and make it look like it has always been a part of your outdoor space. Plants add a lot of color and texture, and provide different focal points that add dimension to your pond.


Besides their aesthetic importance, plants play a crucial role in creating a balanced and healthy ecosystem. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of plants and how they benefit your pond.


Plants that grow directly in your pond water add oxygen into the water which is beneficial for fish and helpful in keeping algae levels under control.



Floating plants cover the surface of the water and provide shade to the water below. These plants do not root in soil so they do not require planting. The shade that these plants provide will inhibit algae growth and protect your fish and plants from overheated water. The floating plants will also shield your fish from predators.



Like other water plants, bog or “marginal plants” are a good source of natural filtration for your pond.  However, marginal plants do not get placed on the bottom of your pond, the plants are potted and placed in water that covers the pot by a couple inches. In order to place marginal plants in your pond, your pond will need to have a small shelf or you will need to figure out a way to elevate your plant.



Finally, there are Deep water plants. As the name suggest, these plants are placed in pots at the bottom of your pond, but they often float to the surface. Deep water plants also assist in improving your pond health by filtering water and consuming nutrients from the pond water. The most common example of a deep water plant and the most widely known is the waterlily.


When choosing plants for your pond,  you should work in a variety of plant types.  All of the plants working together will help to keep your pond environment healthy and thriving.  Savage Ponds, LLC can help in your decision, as we know what plant types and variants are best for certain pond sizes, environments and positions in your yard.  We can layout and plant a balanced ecosystem full of beautiful and hard working plants just for you and your outdoor space.


In addition to water plants, adding flowers, shrubs and trees around your pond goes a long way in integrating your pond to the existing landscape.  It is amazing how this will help transform a pond from ordinary to exceptional.

Call us today for a personalized evaluation and pond plant consultation.

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