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HOUSTON, TX (APRIL 15, 2021) – Savage Ponds, based out of Houston, TX, is a custom pond builder for commercial and residential clients serving clients nationwide. From water features and water gardens to pond maintenance and full redesign/rebuilds, Savage Ponds does it all. But now, this premiere custom builder has expanded to … Koi.

“I have always given a few high-quality Japanese Koi to my clients to help their ponds flourish,” says CEO Robert Savage. “And then, usually, they come back looking for more! It was just a natural progression to the business, and I felt now is the time.”


As Savage Ponds grows, their inventory is in an ever-expanding medium. The inventory starts with small, vibrant and fast-growing koi from the very best farms in Japan. However, all sizes are available, in just about any breed or crossbreed a client would want. Savage Ponds stresses the importance of proper care and quarantine before any Koi are allowed be released into a pond; and adheres to all licensing, laws and regulations set forth by government entities.

Special Offers and Bulk Pricing are available for those that are looking to stock a pond, and Promotional Pricing will be available during the Grand Opening of their Koi Division. Contact Savage Ponds for ALL of your Koi Pond needs…TODAY!


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